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Your business has the potential to succeed. All you need is to reach your online audience effectively. This website will help you get that done.

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The first unwritten law of Online Marketing is to “Think Global”. You have over 3 billion customers at your disposal. Let’s work together to reach them.

Websites Crafted to Perfection


A website is not a decorative business asset, rather, it is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. With a better website, you can compete effectively. Let’s make it happen.

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It’s not rocket science. There is no complex algorithm to break. Succeeding and acquiring customers online takes strategy and a process(a carefully thought out one). It’s all inbound.

Here is what you can expect.

Visibility on Search Engines is important if you want to get noticed online. With superb SEO, the traffic to your website can increase massively which will result in increased leads for your business which may mean more revenue for your company.

Inbound Marketing is the lifeblood of Online Advertising. The goal is to setup a sales funnel making use of all three stages of the sales funnel namely Awareness, Consideration and Decision to help your prospects find your brand and engage with it.

PPC Campaigns can help you meet your revenue goals and drive more sales both Online and Offline. If you need to work with Google Trained Partner to help you run plan and execute your PPC strategy, then get in touch.

If you want to make the most out of your advertising budget, you have to fully utilize the power of Social Media, you will get a bang for your buck. Let’s work together to reach relevant audiences on Social Media to drive sales.

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Digital Campaigns

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Creating cost-effective websites that generate results


Your website is the Internet Advertising Billboard for both you and your company. That’s why it deserves the very best. If you run a small business, a perfect website can make your small business look big and your big business can look bigger.

Here is what you can expect from our Web Design and Development Service.

If you are an SME or Small business who is just starting out, a professional website can be the perfect launch page to get you ahead of your more traditionally inclined competitors. Anything can be sold online and with a great website, it will be easier for you to get discovered and be known thus helping you achieve your goals. 

You also get the benefit of working with a small intimate team who understand the online landscape in Africa and will be there every step of the way to help you get ahead and make something of your venture. 

Say hi for a custom quotation and to discuss your requirements.

In addition to having a Physical Storefront, it’s also important for you to have a Digital Storefront for your business to enable you to sell your products directly to your customers online. This provides ultimate convience for your customers and can be a perfect way for you to showcase your products and increase your brand awareness more. 

We will help you get started by developing an E-Commerce store using modern technologies that are scalable to meet your specifications and to accommodate your customer needs. 

Say hi if you want us to go through your requirements. 

For schools and NGO’s, you can get custom made Websites to help people find you and connect with your cause. 

Say ‘hi’ for a custom quote. 

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Who is Tamuka James?

I’m a Digital Marketer and Web Designer. It’s all I know. Yes, I could say a lot of good things about myself but it would be meaningless if I don’t prove it on the ground. Personally, I’ve always held the belief that my portfolio should speak louder than my mouthand because of that belief, that’s why I have took the time to carefully prepare it so that you can go through it and see some of the companies I’ve worked with.

For bloggers, you can visit my blog, particularly the blogging category. I regularly write tips to help bloggers and other creatives succeed in the Digital World.

To the right, you can see a perfect illustration of the things I’ve taken time to learn and now believe I’m good at. If you believe that I’m the perfect partner to work with. Contact me via the details listed at the top of this website.


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You can always talk to me instantly via the livechat button on the bottom right corner. Nevertheless, if you want me to join you and blend in with your business so that we drive results together, you can do so via the contact form. I’m a ‘global’ person and free to work with your brand regardless of which part of the world you are in. What’s the advantage, you may ask? Well, you will get a better service a fraction of the cost of a full scale Agency.