Best Tools for Online Marketers


A tradesman is mostly defined by the tools he or she uses. Internet Marketing is a highly data driven field and this data driven nature of this field leaves no room for perceptions.


As an Internet Marketer, it becomes vital to care less about your thoughts and more about what the data and stats say. If you’ve read several of my articles, you’ll see that I love using the word stats so much.


The reason why I love that word is because from my experience in this field, I’ve seen that it is largely driven by data more than anything else. And to get the accurate data, you need the accurate tools to provide you with that data.


Apart from data, the reason why you need tools is to increase both your efficiency and effectiveness. Some online marketers have this amazing ability of being able to do a weeks’ worth of work in a day and this all depends on the tools they use.


This list is a compilation of tools that I use myself and those that have been recommended by others as some of the best in the industry.


1. Google’s Keyword Research Tool


I’m an evangelist of this one. Why? Because it’s 100% free and plugged into the source. Google’s Keyword research tool is undoubtedly one of the best tools for online marketers.
The major advantage that comes from using this tool is, like I said, it is directly plugged into the source. It’s just like knowing a person, if you want to know more about James as a person, you don’t go to Harry, you ask James himself.

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If you want to know more about James as a person, you don’t go to Harry, you ask James himself. Click To Tweet


If you are an online marketer, it’s unavoidable, at one point you’ll need to deal with a blog and dealing with a blog will involve dealing with keywords. If you familiarize yourself with Google’s keyword research tool, it will come in handy when this time comes. Here is a guide to keyword research by Backlinko. One other useful resource that explains everything on keyword research from the traditional “manual based” methods to the current more efficient method is this article by Gael at Authority Hacker. It is pretty insightful.

2. SEMrush


SEMrush is one of the best Freemium tools for Online Marketers. It’s very easy to use and gives you the power to directly spy on your competitors or track your site’s progress.
All this can be done is three simple steps which are.

1. Visit
2. Type your domain or competitors’ domain name.
3. Take note of your data.


This tool will come in handy especially when your efforts are not paying off. Sometimes it’s important for you to know what your competitors are doing right to know how you can outmaneuver them.

It’s greatest disadvantage is however, the free version comes with its limitations in that you can only do your research five times a day and in addition, you don’t get all the metrics.


3. Buffer


Buffer fills the social media gap and this is a really wonderful tool. Sometimes shifting between browsers and tabs to manage your Social Media Accounts can be a really daunting and time-consuming task.

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But thanks to buffer, this was made easier. With buffer, you can manage all your Social Media profiles from one interface and this includes your pages also.


Buffer enables you to plan out and schedule your content even months ahead from the date of scheduling which I think is amazing. Buffer has both mobile and web versions which means you can do your work on the go giving you convenience when you need it.


Buffer is a freemium tool which of course means it comes with limited functionality and can be upgraded depending on your needs


4. Google Trends


If you want to know, what’s buzzing, then Google trends is the tool you should look at.


Sometimes as a marketer, you need to produce or share content that resonates with your readers and Google trends gives you the ability to do that.


It’s really simple to use, just click here and you’ll see what I mean.



As you can see from the snapshot above,today’s top story was of the Manchester terrorist attack after Ariana’s show(it broke my heart btw)


An alternative to Google trends is Buzzsumo but I trust Google as a source because IT IS the source itself.


5. Crowdfire


I personally used crowdfire to get 500 new twitter followers(my first 500) in 3 days, it’s that amazing. And what’s cool is that I never paid a dollar to do this. My total investment was only 10 minutes a day.


Crowdfire does the hardwork for you whilst you focus on the easy stuff, clicking that button,, yeah!

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What I love more about crowdfire is its ability to keep you engaged, especially with your Twitter audience. Personally, I do 90% of my Social Media stuff on Facebook because it’s more mature and I like Mark but crowdfire helps me keep that balance.


It shows me the latest content of all my followers and all I have to do is like to just resonate and engage in a simple manner.


For Social Media engagement is more important than growing an audience and that is why I particularly love crowdfire.




Even though you are now armed with knowledge on these tools. It’s still important for you to know how to both strategize and use them effectively. It doesn’t just happen randomly.