Last week, I had one of the most interesting discussions with a Zimbabwean prospect who was seeking my Social Media Marketing Services. Before engaging me, they wanted to first understand whether or not investing in Social Media Ads was effective and whether there was any potential of bringing in a positive ROI for his business.

I took time to go through some of the previous campaigns I’ve run on Facebook that bought in tangible results that were effective. Although he saw the results, he remained skeptical of the power of Social Media in Marketing particularly Facebook because to him, Facebook is a platform where people go to have fun and share some gossip not driving any real business value.

Although the conversation with the prospect was cut short, I saw something in him, something that I’ve seen in many business leaders particularly those from the generation x. They do not yet believe that Social Media can help drive business value particularly for the Zimbabwean market.

But is it true though? That’s the question. Take a look at the picture below;

These are the results from a Facebook Page for a Zimbabwean company that is in the Real Estate industry. Look at that spike, the highest of them all, it was a result from a campaign that I ran and reached a total of 14 000 people on Facebook. If that’s amazing, what is more, amazing is the fact that the total budget for the campaign was under $20.

The campaign had an average of 2 000 post engagements. When Facebook calculates post engagements, it considers things like page likes, messages, comments, etc. What this means is that over 2000 people actively interacted with the brand and most of those were people sending messages wanting to know and understand more about what the company does. Some were even looking and calling to sign up for their services.

That’s the kind of power that you get to enjoy when you market on Facebook. Take a look at a brand like Steward Bank(I recently wrote an article on them) They doubled down on Facebook and Twitter to reach more people and they did even though it later backfired on them due to their crappy service provision. It was only later when the banking sector started noticing how Steward was making a killing that it joined the bandwagon.

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Other companies such as Real Estate Developer, Aspindale Properties are also leveraging Facebook to sell high-density residential stands for $85 a square meter. Is the prize crazy? Well yes but it’s working for them.

If you are like my client, skeptical of the power of Facebook advertising in Zimbabwe, then you need to start shifting your mindset and marketing strategy because Social Media channels like Facebook are the future of Marketing and the future is upon us. The other thing that makes Facebook advertising in Zimbabwe so effective is the fact there aren’t a lot of companies doing it.

This lack of demand means the Ad costs for Marketing on Facebook in Zimbabwe are lower as compared to other countries, e.g. a $1 crappy Facebook ad in Zim will outperform a $5 excellent Facebook ad in the states. It’s impossible to fail with Facebook advertising in Zimbabwe.