I always say the Internet is the greatest miracle of the 21st century in the sense that it offered us possibilities beyond what we could ever imagine.

Everything you need, all the information you need is just a Google Search away. The Internet offers great opportunities for Africans to learn anything they want to from design to coding, to English, crafting and a lot of other things and this is all for free.

When I say free, I mean in terms of financial commitment but not in terms of time and other resources. Either way, you have to show your dedication.

Education is the most available and easy-to-get thing particularly in this day and age. Here are the top 15 free resources you can use to learn anything you want online for free.

1. Coursera

Simply put, Coursera is a not for profit organization offering opportunities for Africans to learn anything they want from top tier Universities for free. The site offers courses from the world’s top Universities like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and a whole lot of others.

Coursera offers you two different options, you either learn and get the knowledge(free) or you learn and get the knowledge plus verification(paid). Either way, the most important thing would be learning and bolstering your practical skills. If you know how to apply your skills, no-one will ever ask you for a certificate.

2. Khan Academy

Khan academy is another great resource and my personal favorite. The academy was founded by the visionary Sal Khan and offers free lessons in Mathematics, Economics, History and Computer Programming(focusing on Javascript).

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Sal Khan is the one who came with the concept of mastery when learning. Simply put, you have to know everything in a particular topic before moving on to the next. This is the best form of education.

3. Udemy

This is yet another awesome resource that I believe is the most effective learning tool. Udemy is a site where teachers can create custom courses and sell them to students. That means you will get an opportunity to learn from Industry experts who are already practicing what they are teaching.

You get to stay on top by learning what’s relevant and applicable. The reason why Udemy offers great opportunities for Africans to learn is because they often offer massive discounts(95% on average). Which means you can get course going for $200 at $9.99.

4. EdX

The EdX model is similar to that of Coursera. The only difference is that EdX offers you a wide range of topics to learn and covers almost every subject available.

If you want to gain a skill in something like Anatomy, EdX will prove to be a great resource for you.

5. Alison

Alison’s model offers you free education with the option to certify in some areas. If you want to gain more knowledge on topics like business, computing, design and health, Alison might prove to be the best resource for you.

Besides, Companies like Google also publish their own courses through Alison. It’s worth checking out.

6. iTunesU

If you use an apple device, then you have to be familiar with itunesU. It is one of the many tools offering opportunities for Africans to learn easily and cost free.

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The greatest thing about itunesU is that the content is in the form of podcasts which means you can just listen to a lesson on Entrepreneurship while you are on your daily commute. Killing two birds with one stone right?

7. CodeAcademy

Codeacademy is the central place for learning everything to do with computer programming and coding. Their programs are structured in such a way that even if you don’t know anything, you will be able to find your way around until you begin understanding the bits and pieces.



Codeacademy features a live practise window or emulator which means you get to practice while reviewing your learning material which is a really effective learning method. Every young African should learn to code and code academy is the best resource for that.

8. Code

This site is a bit similar to Codeacademy, the only difference being it has some child friendly courses as well. To date 24 million projects have been created via the site for students to learn from.

Once you are done with CodeAcademy, you should definitely use Code to try and break up some of these projects to learn exactly how different programming languages work together.

9. Ted-Ed

If you are familiar with Ted, then you will also appreciate the idea of Ted-Ed. Ted-Ed offers valuable education in small chunks of 10 minutes.

Their lessons are also animated to keep you engaged. It is a free resource and one that you can use to acquire a lot of information you can use to upskill yourself.

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10. Youtube

By knowing how to use it, Youtube can prove to be a really valuable resource. The best thing about Youtube is that even though you won’t receive a certification, you will still be able to earn a new skill. I know someone who is a computer repair technician who sorely learnt his skills via Youtube.

You can find everything you want on Youtube by knowing how to search efficiently which makes it a great resource offering opportunities for Africans to learn.

In conclusion, there are some other valuable resources that I might have left like Shaw academy and many others. Nevertheless, the 10 I listed above are some of the resources I found to be really valuable.

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One thing you have to understand is that the world is progressing really fast, skills are becoming obsolete on a daily basis. If you don’t upskill or learn new skills and technologies, you are going to be irrelevant. Make a commitment to become a lifetime learner.